Eve – Tyrannis

The folks over at CCP have launched their latest expansion called Tyrannis…and it looks really good.

(…yes…I resubbed about 2 weeks ago…)

The main feature of this expansion is, of course, the planetary interactions:

The planets of EVE and their resources are now yours to use. There are a small number of exclusions, such as major hub systems, shattered planets, and sites of historical significance.

Planetary Infrastructure can be built using Command Centers, Extractors, Processors, Storage Facilities and Spaceports. These are all connected using Links.

Planetary commodities and products can be imported to and exported from a planet using the Customs office, connected to all spaceports built on a planet.

The actual structures needed for planetary interaction are coming in early June….so I’m not exactly clear as to what you can do at this point with the planets themselves. From what I’ve read, the skills needed for PI are now in the game…so you have a good 2-3 weeks to get ready for them structures to get in game.

I’m tellin ya…Eve is becoming the one-stop-shop for everything that is space-like in MMOs. I’m not too sure many can ever catch up at this point in terms of where we all see this going: a full universe simulator. These guys have big plans…clearly…and we can only hope they follow through.

Like I said before, I jumped back into Eve Online a couple weeks ago and…again…I find myself lost. I have no long term goals right now which is a HUGE problem for an Eve player. Maybe planetary interaction is something that I can look forward too….build my own little colony in space (…assuming that I can grab something during the rush…). I’m currently in maintenance mode right now, currently skilling myself up for a Buzzard…which has another 3 days to go according to EveMon. I think I may need to take steps to shake things up a bit and get into 0.0 again (/looks in Kirith’s direction…) or, hopefully, get myself a long term goal to shoot for. Bottom line is that my current Eve stint is not going very well cause I’m not feeling it…but I’m hoping to remedy this very soon.

…back to the expansion….

Another addition is the so called “Eve Gate”:

EVE Gate is the web portal into the EVE universe and is designed to ease communication and organization for the EVE community.

Send and receive EVE Mail, create, invite and accept events with the new Calendar system, manage your Contacts, browse through character, corp and alliance profiles and receive broadcast updates from your friends and corpmates.

The standings system has been revamped so now you can use that in conjunction with the privacy settings to determine who will be able to view your full profile, contact list and broadcast messages, currently only pilots set to standing 5.1 and over will be able to see that information

You can easily set your privacy in the profile settings in EVE Gate so nobody can view more information on your character than is displayed in the “Show Info” window in the game.

Well…it was only a matter of time before CCP buckled and did the “blah blah blah…social blah blah”. Peer pressure at it’s finest. Not sure if the players of Eve will fall for this kind of gimmick when the glaring omission is…say it with me…skill training. They’ve been promising for years…YEARS….to implement some kind of out-of-game skill system and a “blah blah blah…social blah blah” portal seems to be perfect excuse to put it in. Not sure why they didn’t…but…they didn’t.

So. I got some thinking to do for Eve as well as some skilling in order to get ready for my dip into planets.

D out.

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