Fallen Earth gets an ouchie

Oh boy

As of today, there are 28 core staff members plus customer support staff and GMs. We believe in our product–we know we have a great game, and we have an amazing community. None of this will change. We are on time for Blood Sports Patch 1.4 next Friday, and we are on schedule for subsequent content updates.

Not good….not good at all for the Fallen Earth community. This will have an impact. I’m not sure why the Fallen Earth team thinks that the schedule they had with 110 employees will still work with 35:

Moving forward, we’ve heard that these layoffs will not affect patch 1.4, 1.5 and beyond. What will these layoffs affect?

The layoffs won’t affect the schedule and planned timing of upcoming patches. In the past, we’ve had a lot of projects on the table, but recent decisions have elevated a few key priorities. As a company, we are concentrating our effort on continued development and production of Fallen Earth.


Good luck to them on pulling it off. If they do, they’d be a very special organization indeed. Usually, most companies have a hard time meeting commitments after an 80% staff reduction.

We all know what this means: that Fallen Earth is not making the revenues it needs to move forward with the staff of 110. Big question is whether or not they keep the game going with a skeleton crew of 35….especially at the speed that customers are use to? The odds say “no” and that within the next six months we’ll see the game get into a bit more trouble.

This is truly upsetting. Fallen Earth is not a very bad game at all. It’s crafting and combat system is very well done. Also, its community is extremely helpful…one the best I’ve been a part of. I really think it just lacked that spit shine that we are all use to when it comes to MMOs…which usually lends to momentum out of the gates.

Anywho. Good luck to everyone who now finds themselves jobless and good luck to Icarus.

D out.

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