Consumers first…gamers last

Lots of interesting political dealings going on in the United States these days. From Health Care (…room up here in Canada all…free meds…) to the Tea Party (…was NOT about taxes you morons!!…) to Obama being some kind of socialist hilterite who will eat your puppy. The one thing that is extremely interesting to me is that the idea of citizenship has been completely lost on everyone. We aren’t anymore….we are consumers that are more interested in stuff then citizens interested in matters of government. As I’ve heard before…”once I cast my vote, I’m done.”

…trust me…I’m going somewhere with this…and the idea behind the horse will make an appearance.

When looking at what’s happening with companies like Zynga and now, Blizzard, I’m wondering how they think of us behind closed doors. I’m wondering…do they think of us as gamers or as consumers. If they think of us as consumers, it just stands to reason that both the horse and the never-will-be-a-game-everrrrrr experience of Farmville make perfect sense. If they think of as consumers, then the idea behind making a game for the sake of gamers takes second seat. The question that the horse and the farm answer is, “They will buy this”…instead of “they will play this”. It’s completely bass-ackwards. If they think of us as gamers, then you’d think that the talk of the news wouldn’t always be about stuff like RMT, micro-transactions and why Darren hates farm animals. If they think of us as gamers, then one would think the talk would be more about the playing of games instead of all the ways we are paying for games. It’s insane.

I know…I’m getting deep, but bare with me here.

The more I think about the conversations I have with people about the horse, quite obviously the consensus is that Blizzard and Zynga are just doing what they need to do to make money….so why shouldn’t this stuff be made available for those that want to buy it. Granted. I see that the path that most want to take is the path from a gamer who plays games to a consumer who buys ingame “stuff”…and this points to what I was saying before: that “stuff”, like the horse, and like a “social gift” in Farmville are not really gameplay elements that we experience or enjoy, but just represent us moving further away from being gamers. Some, it seems, are quite alright with that….and worse…don’t seem to care.



D out.

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