The House of Cards we are Building

Thanks to Jeremy for posting this and bringing my attention to Blizzard’s new $25 horse. Wow.

Next stop…$30 I guess. Well…scratch that. At the current rate I wouldn’t be surprised if they started charging $50 within the next 2 years. Gamers have proven to be willing to just pay ridiculous amounts of money for shiny speed buffs and it looks like a ceiling for the price has not been settled on. At $50 though, at that time I’m thinking maybe some sense of not wanting to screw their customers will kick in and they’ll actually give something to go along with the mount.

Just as a reminder, here are a sample list of real games with content you can get for $25…

…from Steam:
– Oblivion GOTY
– Men of War: Red Tide
– Hearts of Iron 2
– Longest Jouney
– Team Fortress

From Impulse:
– Dead Space
– Tropico 3
– Mass Effect

– Torchlight
– Civ 4
– Fallout 3
– Borderlands


Blizzard will sell plenty to justify a price increase for the next pet or mount…trust me. As customers, we’re training them how to treat us, and it looks like we’re giving them the message that we have no sense of value. We have no concept of what content really is. It is now getting to the point where we just collectively shrug when the price for these things gets further into the range of what actual games cost. That’s fine…we are consumers after all and it is our right to just throw money at stupid and useless shit.

Took an artist, what, a day to make that? Half a day if they already have the base model created already? Maybe a couple hours if it was just a jigsaw puzzle a student put together? Wow…nice return if even just 10% of the WoW population buys one, in which case it’s a nice $25 million “I’m going to the bank now” horse.

…heh ;)

D out.

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