Wizard 101 – Mounts are here?

Something took me off guard this morning and that was Wizard 101.

For some reason…in my head…I had expected these mounts to hit in December for some reason. Not the case as it seems that mounts as well as other big updates are hitting today. My oldest is excited…

More details here…but here is a little taste of what’s to come:

Announcing Mounts for you to Ride!
The latest big addition to Wizard101 is a series of Wizard Mounts that provide a fun, fast, and stylish way of getting around. Many different types of Wizard Mounts are available with more to come in the future. Initially, four have been introduced: Brooms, Horses, Cats, and Dragons!

Wizard Mounts may be rented for a day or a week. They may also be purchased permanently. The one and seven day rental gives Wizards a chance to try out the mount and decide which one they want to own permanently.

Quick Facts
– Mounts increase your land travel speed significantly
– Mounts cannot be used indoors
– Mounts may be purchased at the new Crown shop or Zeke
– You will dismount when you are pulled into a duel
– One day rentals may be purchased with in-game gold
– Seven day rentals and permanent Wizard Mounts may be purchased with in-game gold or Crowns
– A countdown timer will appear on the description of rental items to indicate how much time you have left on that rental. Time is calculated in calendar days, hours and minutes, and time still counts down when you are logged out of Wizard101.

…and yes…I will be reporting how much a permanent mount is ;)

D out.

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