Champions NDA is ….


…and here is my beta review:

City of Heroes 2.


Part of me wants to be snarky and leave it at that, but I honestly can’t. I tried…but I can’t. That summarizes my thoughts…but I’ll expand a bit.

It is quite obvious to me, while playing the beta that this is the child of someone who wanted stuff in CoH that they couldn’t put in for some reason. It might have been a budget thing or some project management asshole wouldn’t let them. From the graphics (…ugh…), to the crafting, to the quests, to the environment interaction. Someone had regrets and birthed Champions. That’s what it ultimately feels like and unfortunately it falls on it’s ass…for now anyway…until they hear the screams of fans saying “wtf”.

The graphical style. I don’t know what they are trying to do…well, actually…I do. They are trying to look like a comic book but it just doesn’t work for some reason. Fusion Fall does a much better job with it IMHO. When I played Champions, graphically it looks like it’s trying to hard and it just doesn’t work for me. They are either overdoing it or the other graphical effects like bloom or lighting are getting in the way. I don’t think you’ll really get what I’m talking about until you actually go in and play. No…the screenshots are not to be trusted because the game never looks like that.

Performance was another issue…but this might be beta code that is getting in the way. It wouldn’t be the first time where code was put in the game for metric collection that just kicks everyone’s ass. If that’s the case, then we’ll have to wait for post-release reports…but for now I’m thinking that this game is not ready for release. For now, buyer beware.

Recycling. Part of my justification for thinking that this game is someone’s CoH lovechild is because plenty of assets, i.e. sound, art, etc, from CoH/V are used all over the place in Champions. From costume customizations to police sirens to background noise. It is a bit of a turn off and makes me think that Cryptic is either not trying hard enough or they don’t care enough or they just didn’t plan it out right. Champions doesn’t seem to have “a beat” of it’s own right now (…if that makes sense…) and it’s the wrong foot to start off on.

Character Customization. They crossed the “give players options” line. There is sooo many character customization options that I have trouble customizing my character to look the way I want it to. It seemed to take forever just to find a hood for my toon. They either need to tone it down or find another way to give the player access to the customization information. It’s waaay to confusing at the moment. UI redesign incoming I’m sure.

…that’s it for now. Really…I’m not that interested in Champions. The game is good enough but not trying hard enough at the moment.

D out.

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