WAR – More Server Mergers

Before I get to that. To explain the Aion screen shot below. That was the idle animation for my character in Aion. He looks like he’s more prepared to pick out curtains than kicking ass. I didn’t bother to post the big-ass leaf that he pulls out to protect him from the rain.

Annnnyway. Onto Warhammer. Back in March, we saw a server merger and at the time I was not worried as I saw it more of a correction for believing their own hype than anything else. Well….now we may see a second round of server mergers for WAR:

Q. Have you all ever considered reworking the server populations to be relative to all servers instead of a static number? Servers like Phoenix Throne, Dark Crag, and Iron Rock would be High (though they may be far from the limit), and players would have a better idea of the mid and low servers. Also, basing it off active (past two weeks) R40’s instead of all players would get an even better snapshot to compare with.

A. That’s a great question, and that is an idea we have evaluated in the past. The concern with scaling the population display so that it is relative is that we might show a server population as “High” when it actually isn’t, because it just happens to have the highest population at that time. We do not wish these labels to be misleading in any way. That being said, we are expecting to resolve our long term population issues on our lower population servers and see high populations regularly as part and parcel of server merges that are currently in discussion.

Big question for me is whether or not this round is still correcting for over-hype or whether it’s a symptom of a larger problem with the game’s momentum in the market. From a purely anecdotal perspective, the momentum for WAR is a bit on the negative side of things…maybe even neutral after the whole Bioware partnering. I’m expecting things to start looking up for WAR in the next 6-12 months as things start to settle down….but it might be a rough go.

D out.

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