Horse: Simple Answer

OK…I’ll bite, because it’s an obvious simple answer that escapes even the most supposedly brilliant blogger minds:

So, I ask the “common sense gamer” why he is flabbergasted by a $10 mount when it is obvious players are willing spend 3 times that amount just to access a service that will allow them the pleasure of working hard to obtain a mount.

…because gamers, as well as MMO companies don’t know any better at this point and have zero frame of reference for what this stuff is actually worth.

Again, this is all an experiment and we need to set the expectation as customers. But hey, if we all want to pay $10 for convenience instead of new EXPERIENCES, by all means…a fool and his money and all that jazz.

Keep in mind this though when buying that convenient $10 item that gets you nothing except getting someplace 60% faster:
– Guild Wars: Game of the Year Edition, on Steam: $19.99
– Eve Online: Apocrypha, on Steam: $14.99
– City of Heroes, yeah…on Steam for $19.99
– Age of Conan…oh…look at that. On Steam for for $19.99

So….don’t sit there and tell me that this is all good, and la la la la laaaaaa, when you can get ENTIRE GAMES (…say it again…EXPERIENCES…) for around the same price

…fool and his money. Go crazy. Knock yourself out…but your fuckin off your rocker if that horse is anywhere near making sense in this place we call reality.

D out.


Oh…one more thing I forgot to mention regarding this arguement from Potshot:

Using the epic flyer as an example, if I really applied myself, I could probably log on and earn a few hundred gold a day without outlevelling our group too much in a relatively small amount of time each session. At 200 gold a session, that would take about 25 sessions to yield the 5,000 gold for the skill and the mount. If I played an average session every other day, that would be about 50 days or almost two months of just casual self-gold farming. All other things equal, I should be ok with paying the equivalent of about $30 for my epic flyer (or the equivalent in game currency).

Well, hey…if you were ONLY spending those two months grinding for that epic flyer, than I would completely agree with you…but you aren’t, are you. During that time, I would imagine that you are doing the following:
a) questing
b) crafting
c) PvPing
d) experiencing new content while doing a-c to support getting the epic

So you’re not even close to really spending $30 on just that mount…that’s a flawed argument. You’ve gotten more out of your $30 than just the mount, you’ve gotten “2 months” of content experience…haven’t you.

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