Horse…still on my mind

A little clarification on this horse bullshit that I’m seeing in RoM.

So…here we go again on the question of value for our money and I must say that I’m disappointed so far with the comments on that posting of mine below. I don’t expect anyone to agree with me…far from it. What I really didn’t expect was the collective shrug of the shoulders or worse…the swallowing of said hook, line and sinker of this rip-off.

Again, lets look at Bethesda…who is still the only one who seems to get that delivering content and, good gawd, EXPERIENCES(!!!!) should be the point of RMT. Right now, I can buy Operation Anchorage for 800 Microsoft Points on XBox Live. That works out to about $14.95. I get entire EXPERIENCE(!!!), which gives me, let’s call it, 5-8 hours of new content. Compare that to a $10 horse. Seriously…..what experience does that horse give you that’s even close to that value? Wheeee….it gives you the experience of traveling 60% faster. Really?! You’d all pay that? Remember…this is the low-end, permanent horse. The others were $5-10 more than that if you wanted to buy it. That gives you what experience exactly?

I’m disappointed that you all aren’t demanding more from these RMT schemes that MMOs are offering, because right now they’re ripping you off. They’re pretending to give you something that you’re really not getting. You should be DEMANDING new experiences and content for your money…not bullshit vanity items that give you nothing. You see…this is all new to them and you are teaching them how to treat us all in future games. It’s an experiment at this point, just to see how they can do it and what we would tolerate in terms of market costs.

Make no mistake. The business guys will take the shortest route to the most cash and you all seem to be willing to show them the way.

…$10 for a fuckin horse. Jesus….Mary…Josheph….

D out.

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