About the TOR Trailer

Bio Ware Shoots, they score, with a CG trailer.

Again, this is a trailer and not ingame footage…I mean lets take a look at the awesome WAR trailer compared to actual in game play… doesn’t match up.

I want some ingame vids before I plunk down a large chunk of change on another MMO.

That actually looks pretty interesting… though I think I’ll wait for late beta gameplay videos to get too excited.

Yup, definitely cool looking cinematic. Let’s see what they deliver and how much of it.

…once bitten I guess, eh. ;)

Tobold has the same thoughts that we’re going “ga-ga” over the game just over this trailer. Actually, he thinks that the game is already reaching over-hype:

Just have a look at the latest SWTOR news: There is a new cinematic trailer out everybody is drooling over. There is so much excitement about this trailer, that people are willing to overlook two minor details: This isn’t how the game is going to look, and this isn’t how the game is going to play. In fact, the trailer could have been a trailer for any other Star Wars product and nobody would have been any wiser.

I respectively disagree with all of you for this very reason because you’ve all missed the point in my little mind. For the record, I liked the trailer not because of the game that is behind it, but because it was a great piece of Star Wars entertainment. I would even argue that this is the best piece of Star Wars media that we have seen in a long, long time. Personally, I don’t care if the game comes out and the graphics are all ACSII and it involves plucking chickens. That trailer was of the type of quality that Star Wars fans have been cheated out of for years and I’m just glad it was put out there.

Is the game over-hyped? No…I don’t think so at this point, because we haven’t seen the game yet. Is the Star Wars lore and story behind the game getting hyped? Yes…and I would argue that this is the right way to do it and it’s a distinction that we should keep in mind. Remember, Bioware has no equivalent of a Paul Bernett out there making “KABOOM” and “GLORIOUS!!” statements about game play. That would be hype. Bioware has not hyped itself into a corner and it really doesn’t need to…the Star Wars IP does that without any help. Watching a trailer about a great piece of Star Wars lore, is not hype.

Will this be the game? No…of course not…and it would be ridiculous for any of us to expect that type of fidelity in our games from any company. So, why don’t we just all put our grumpy old man hats away and just enjoy that great piece of Star Wars media and worry about the game later.

D out.

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