LOTRO: Book 7…oh my.

There are some really nice changes coming to LOTRO in Book 7. Some major ones to be sure, but there are some really great quality of life features that I know our Monday night group has talked about amongst ourselves. For me, the biggest one is this:

As part of our new player revamp we’ve added a new way to view your quests. Players have long asked for a way to track their active quests in their radar window and world maps. Now you can! Our new quest guide works in combination with your quest tracker to give you direction and assistance on the 5 quests currently active in your tracker. Removing a quest from your tracker removes it from the guide.

You can’t see it….but I’m dancing right now. Yayyyyyy. LOTRO was one of the worse offenders when it comes to finding where you need to go for quests. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t need exact co-ordinates with GPS precision to be happy. Just give me a general idea of where it is on my map. Warhammer has got it right IMHO.

Another thing they are changing is the XP curve…and I think this is really needed for LOTRO. I think Michael has mentioned this before, but you do hit a bit of a XP wall in the level 30-40 range. We’re still having a blast, but I think we all wish that the 30’s would go a bit quicker. Here’s something to remain aware of when it comes to this little fix:

Your level will not be automatically changed but you may see an increase of up to 3 levels upon your next gain of experience when Book 7 goes live. Temporary oddities may be seen on your XP bar upon logging in if your XP is now greater than that required for the next level, e.g. 10,000/9,000. Upon your next gain of XP you will advance to the appropriate level and your XP bar will adjust appropriately.

…so, I should it 40 when I kill my next boar. Hahahahaha….ahahahahahaaaaaaaaaa….ahhhhhh.


Looks like we are also getting a “self-revive” button:

Players may now revive themselves in place, via a button on the user interface window when a character is defeated, instead of retreating. This feature is disabled in instances, during Monster Play and after instant defeat.

* At levels 1 through 9, characters will have a 30 minute cooldown (shown via a “Revived” effect) that prevents them from reviving again.
* At level 10, when the character receives the “Journeyman” characteristic, the revive cooldown increases to 1 hour.
* At level 40, when the character receives the “Heroic” characteristic, the self revive cooldown increases to 2 hours.

This is good, but I never really missed something like this to begin with. Mostly, I had a healer near by that could revive me or I found that the rez site was pretty close to where I was hunting anyway.

Good changes all around. If you’re playing LOTRO, you’ve probably already seen these. If you’re not playing LOTRO, take a look as this might have the fix you’re looking for to get you back in to take a look.

D out.

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