Runes of Magic: Some thoughts

I downloaded and installed Runes of Magic over the weekend and it set a record with me. It set a record of being the game that lasted less than 5 minutes on my hard drive. I have never seen such a blatant copy and paste of WoW in my life. Everything from the character creation to the graphics (…kinda…) to the UI….all of it completely ripped off of WoW.

I know that some of you have tried it and may even like it, and that’s fine. For me the experience was completely negative because everything that was presented to within the first 5 minutes was waaaaay too familiar. Yes, I realize I’m supposed to get rid of that “executive” gamer in me, but my gawd…this shouldn’t count.

I’m sure that if I got past all of this that there are some unique elements to the game…like the duel class system. How can anyone expect to get to those features when these guys didn’t even try to create their own unique experience right out of the gate? They didn’t…even….try to create a different UI! A UI!!!


D out.

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