WAR: New Stuff Coming

The first “live” expansion is coming to Warhammer starting early February. Again, Massively has the details over at their lovely site:

Warhammer Executive Producer Jeff Hickman: We’ve been launched for four or five months now, and all we’ve done for this time is looking at the game, listening to our players, playing the game ourselves. We’ve been drilling down into all of the little pieces that weren’t quite right for us. We’ve been looking at client/server stability, what we can do with the RvR system, introducing the two new classes … we’ve drilled down on any and all concerns that players might have to perfect the game as it stands right now.

With that starting to be under control, we looked ahead and said to ourselves, “we have about four or five months to do some really interesting, cool new events.” We’re calling it a live expansion. We’re trying to hit really hard for players that haven’t tried Warhammer, or perhaps players that tried it and then went off to play Lich King or something like that. We want them to come back, see all the improvements we’ve made, and all the new content coming up.

The Herald has great info too.

My opinion on this announcement? Too soon to do this. Don’t get me wrong, I think the content for this “live” expansion is great. I myself want to play the Choppa, but I think they are moving too quickly with it. They just introduced two new classes to the game. They just put in a new RvR system. They’ve only now started addressing and getting a handle on various other technical issues that they are facing with RvR. Why they are not letting all of the changes that have accumulated sit and gel a bit longer is beyond me. From what I hear, they still have keep issues and they are still trying to “put WAR everywhere”. I get a sense that this announcement has more to do with “ADHD development” (…for lack of a better term…) than anything else.

Do they really NEED to release this now? I don’t think so. I think Warhammer would be much better served if they spent the next 3-4 months perfecting the current game instead of adding even more classes and content. I love more content as much as the next MMO player, but given the quote from Jeff above (…”we need to do something cool”…) I think the motivations for it are not encouraging and are misguided.

I feel like development for this game is more in the hands of PR people instead of the ones who know better. I feel they are building new content on very shaky ground and that they are at risk of introducing show stopping bugs that will just bite them and players in the ass. I hope I’m wrong, but that is what my gut is telling me…but I just had meat lovers pizza for lunch, so it might be that ;)

I want them to totally succeed. I’m just sounding note of caution regarding the pace at which they are going.

D out.

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