Great Weekend

I have lots to say about a super gaming weekend I just had…AND I got the crown molding done.



Ding 30!

This game continues to impress me with the quests (…especially the Book quests…) as well as the music, graphics and environment. Oh…and I love the Warden class to death. I’m a Warden in Middle Earth…and I feel that way when I play it.

Also, our Monday night group is super pumped about this game. I think I’ve mentioned this, but I’ve never seen any of the guys this “into” a game before. We’re all crafting and questing beyond just the Monday nights now. I think all of us are usually on three nights a week now…and, we’re grouping most of the time. The Monday night group has also become a very solid team in terms of how we attack really hard situations. It was tough at first trying to find our roles, but we’ve settled in and we’re starting to become an unstoppable machine ;) The discussions we have before a big fight are very enjoyable and really lend to our team dynamic.

…we’re well on our way to Moria.

Mount and Blade

Holy crap….talk about getting blind sided by a game. Sacred 2 has been totally shelved due to the rich experience I’m getting with M&B.

Have any of you out there found a $20 bill in your jeans that you completely forgot about? Mount and Blade is just like that. There are a couple of really fun experiences I’d like to share given what I’ve played so far.

First…mounted combat, or, combat in general in this game is one of the best combat systems in a game that I have played in a long time. You really need to practice hitting someone with a bow while riding a horse because it simulates it perfectly (…not that I would know…). Same goes with using a sword on a horse. Last night, I was attacking a band of about 20-ish army deserters with the 34 men that I had in my company. I was at long range to an enemy galloping parallel to his path. I pulled out my bow, aimed, and fired. The arrow did not hit the guy…it hit the horse he was riding. The horse let out a whinny and then proceeded to fall/collapse, head first to the ground. It did a bit of a flip, throwing the enemy rider to the ground as well, with what looked like a painful face plant. I drew my sword and cut him down as I rode by him just as he was getting up. It was one of the cooler moments I’ve had in a game…and from now on, I’m aiming for the horse ;)

Second thing…and this goes back to the whole strategy/empire building part of the game that I was talking about last week. I finished a quest for some lord that involved helping him storm a castle (…yes…you can storm castles…). At the end of the battle, he gave me my own little town. Woot! My own little town that I can actually manage and grow. Hey…they pay me taxes! Double woot!! Now…I’m not too sure what I can do with this town, but for now the options available to me are building a school, watchtower, mill and a couple other buildings. Here’s hoping I can grow it to a castle of my own.

…I really can’t recommend this game enough. Go try it.

Left 4 Dead

Adam, Brent and myself fired this game up last night, and dear gawd did we have an absolute BLAST. I laughed. I cried. I soiled myself. Who knew that killing zombies with friends could be this much fun.

I must admit…I was not super excited about this game. I wasn’t even looking at it. This is totally out of character for me because it is a Valve game. This would be another recommendation if you and some friends have not tried this one out.

…yup…I think we’ll be doing that again ;)

D out.

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