Some Thoughts: Mount and Blade

a look at a game called Mount and Blade. If you’ve never heard of this game before, you can go check it out here. This game is a pure indie title, so keep that word in mind if you ever take a look. They take risks…and some work, and some don’t. For the most part, this game has been poo-pooed by the main stream gaming press (…such that it is…) but has a very strong community attached to it…including some kick-ass mods that I have yet to try.

The last time I looked at this game, it was in early alpha…like version 0.00000001, or something. It’s been in open development for 3-4+ years now and has come a long way. There are other aspects of the game, but so far the combat system has been a lot of fun to play. Not only do you have to worry about swinging your weapon, but you also have to block attacks from your target. Timing is crucial for both offensive and defensive attacks. You are a dead man if you think that you can just swing wildly and win every encounter. You have to actually make contact with your weapon in order to score a hit. If your target moves out of the way, or blocks, then you’ll miss your target or do very minimal damage. In a sense, it’s a real-time medieval combat simulator….and yes, that would include mounted combat.

Ohhhh mounted combat…how I both love and you. In this game, shooting an arrow or swinging a sword while riding a horse is an art. This game takes everything into account when you’re trying to fight on a horse: your speed, your direction, horse direction, aim, skill…oy. I know we all wish for mounted combat in our MMOs, but boy…I’m wondering if we should be careful what we wish for. I seem to be a bit better with a sword on a horse, but I suck wet donkey hair with a bow. Actually, I can be 2 feet from a target and still miss when using a bow on the horse. I blame the horse. One should never ride something with a mind of its own ;)

If you like the days of yore or you’d like to try out the combat system, I highly recommend taking a look at it. As far as I know, the trial is the full game whos only restriction is how many in-game days you can play. MMO developers should also take a look and see if there are any ideas they can take away from Mount and Blade. I’m going to keep playing it for a bit as there is a strategic and empire building aspect to it that I haven’t even looked into yet.

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