Predictions for 2009

Since I will be out of town during New Years, I’m going to post my insignificant predictions right now. If you haven’t read my predictions for 2008, then go take a gander and have a good laugh….then come back here and have another laugh ;)

1. Warhammer will continue to have it’s audience shrunk. This will not be a bad thing because they will also find themselves and start really coming into their own as an RvR (…not PvE…) alternative to WoW. They will fall into the same issues as Planetside does for new players.

2. Age of Conan will continue to struggle and will fold this year…or will show some serious signs of folding within 2 years.

3. Blizzard will stay the course and will do nothing to rock its boat. I know…this is kind of a gimmie, but I need at least one of these ;)

4. One more MMO luminary will fall on his sword.

5. LOTRO will become what people thought WAR would be, i.e. the second coming of Jesus.

6. Star Gate Worlds will not see the light of day and will be canceled this year.

7. Gotta restate this from my previous prediction: Jumpgate Evolution will be the sleeper hit of 2009.

8. RMT will not be something that the MMO industry can hang its hat on as a reliable revenue stream for 2009. This won’t be because RMT is a bad thing, it will be because most people will not have the disposable income to spend due to the continuing economic crisis, which will get worse. Subscription based games will still be king of the hill due to their inherent “lock-in” nature.

9. Free Realms and Wizard 101 will go head to head in a clash of the titans battle never before seen in the history of man kind….and we will all be very happy that they did.

10. I will try an Anime based MMO and I will die a little inside for doing so.

11. Star Trek Online’s future will directly depend on the outcome of the new movie. If the new movie flops, so will this game. If the movie succeeds then MMO gamers and Trekkies alike will cry out with joy.

12. TOR will continue to make headlines and will announce its release date in 2009….which, as it happens, will be Q4 2009.

Winners for 2009: LOTRO, WoW, TOR, Jumpgate, Kids MMOs
Losers for 2009: AoC, Star Gate Worlds, RMT, STO

D out.

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